Tooth fillings are common procedures in the dental world. If your dentist ever tells you that you need a filling, there’s absolutely no reason to panic. Chances are you know many people who have been down that road before. The goal of a filling is to fix a tooth that has been harmed by decay. A filling can help a damaged tooth operate just as it has in the past. It can also stop additional decay from occurring.

If you have an appointment for a tooth filling, your dentist will begin by getting rid of any decay that’s present. He or she will then clean the section that has experienced the decay. Your dentist will finally fill the cavity up using a filling substance. Tooth fillings seal areas that bacteria can access. This is how they stop additional decay from taking place. Common filling materials are composite resin, porcelain, gold and amalgams. Amalgams are blends of tin, copper, silver, mercury and occasionally even zinc. Composite resin material can be advantageous for patients who want fillings that are the same exact color as their normal teeth.

Tooth filling treatments aren’t as daunting as they may initially seem to patients. Dentists provide patients with topical anesthetics that properly numb treated sections. After they do that, they proceed by eliminating existing tooth decay, restoring the teeth with filling materials and assessing bites. Bite assessments are crucial. They ensure that patients have correct teeth alignment after procedures.

If you need a filling for your tooth, you can depend on the top-notch team here at our dental practice to help you throughout the entire process. Once you get your filling, we can even help you with all of your aftercare requirements. Patients who want to keep their tooth fillings in solid condition need to abide by certain easy and practical rules. Proper oral hygiene practices are critical. If you want your filling to stay in excellent shape for as long as possible, you should make a point to visit our office for frequent checkups and cleanings. You should also make sure you brush your teeth well. Fluoride toothpaste can be great for people who are serious about keeping their tooth fillings strong and dependable. Antibacterial mouthwash is yet another vital piece of the puzzle. It’s important for people who have tooth fillings to rinse their mouths out using antibacterial mouthwashes once a day or more.

Patients should always pay careful attention to their fillings. If you experience intense sensitivity of the teeth, you should contact our practice as soon as possible for attention. If your filling has any type of crack, you should do the same thing. You should also call us if you detect parts of your teeth that feel oddly sharp. You should never brush off irregularities with your tooth fillings. If a large chunk of your filling falls out of your mouth, you need to let our clinic know as soon as possible.

Patients generally cannot determine on their own that they need tooth fillings. You need assistance from an experienced, knowledgeable and trained dentist to figure out if a filling is appropriate for your specific situation. If you believe that you have a cavity for any reason, you should reach out to our practice without a second of hesitation. Dentists employ tiny mirrors to assess tooth surfaces and to decide if people need fillings. If you have any type of tooth discomfort or pain, give our staff a phone call as soon as possible. We can schedule a consultation with you to evaluate all of your individual dental needs and concerns.

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