Pediatric Dentistry in West Jordan

Pediatric Dentistry in West Jordan

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty. Dentists who specialize in pediatrics spend four years in college followed by another four years in an accredited dental school. Once dental school is over, pediatric dentists spend two years in residency learning to work with children from the time they are born until they end their teenage years. It’s important pediatric dentists learn to work with children as they begin to develop their teeth around the time they turn six-months-old. When kids don’t take care of their teeth, they pave the way for serious health problems in the future.

One of the most common mistakes parents make is assuming their kids don’t need dental care until they develop their permanent teeth. Around the time babies turn six months, they begin to develop their baby teeth. There is no need to worry if your baby develops teeth sooner or later, however; this is merely an average. Until they are around 6 or 7, baby teeth fill their mouth and they begin to lose them. Babies need to see the dentist as soon as their teeth come in at just a few months of age.

What Happens if You Don’t Bring Your Kids to the Dentist?

Your kids might have great teeth for the rest of their lives whether or not they ever see the dentist. However, it’s imperative they do see a dentist. Oral health has a major impact on overall health. Medical studies provide information that people who suffer from oral health issues are more likely to develop certain forms of cancer and other health issues. Your kids’ health is important, which is why we like to see your kids early.

Kids aren’t always the best at caring for their teeth, and many people do assume their kids are all right considering they are going to lose them regardless. Baby teeth do fall out and are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, but that doesn’t make them unimportant. Your children’s baby teeth do have an impact on their overall health, and not caring properly for them can cause pain, decay, and even oral disease.

What do Pediatric Dentists Do?

Our job is to teach your kids how to care for their teeth the proper way. Good oral health practices make it easier for your kids to develop healthy permanent teeth. We begin by caring for your kids’ teeth when they are babies, and we teach them how to properly care for them on their own. It’s also the job of a pediatric dentist to examine your child’s teeth twice every year.

Preventative measures are proven effective at maintaining good oral health. When we see your kids regularly, we are more capable of diagnosing oral health issues as well as addressing basic hygiene issues. We can tell if your kids are going to need braces or other measures to correct crooked teeth. When you catch these issues early, your kids have a better chance of responding well to treatment and correcting any dental or oral health issues that causes more serious problems in the long run.

Pediatric dentists are equipped to make kids feel more comfortable. Pediatric dental offices are strictly for children, and they do not cater to adults. The offices are designed to make kids feel more comfortable. The staff is specially trained to work with kids who are excited, nervous or even terrified. Pediatric dentists make kids feel more comfortable in the office, and we help your kids learn to properly care for their teeth and gums. This allows them to live a life of good oral health, and it helps them develop a beautiful smile.

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