Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

People whose teeth are discolored have a hard time talking or laughing in public. They feel embarrassed whenever they fail to make a perfect impression. If your teeth are stained and want to avoid similar awkward experiences, tooth whitening is the best solution. This procedure is not a one-time process but will lighten your teeth and remove all stains within a very short time.

We, at our clinic, are professionally trained to take proper care of the teeth. We know our work and want nothing but the best for our clients.

When people with discolored teeth come to us for treatment, we first ensure they appreciate what causes this irritating condition.

The reflection and scattering of light off the enamel, the outer layer of a tooth, combined with the color of the dentin, which is found under the enamel, are responsible for creating the natural color of the teeth. As experts, we understand that the thinness and smoothness of the enamel also determine the appearance of the natural teeth. The thinner the enamel, the better the color of the dentin shows through. Smooth enamel also allows better reflection of light and, therefore, the color.

Pores on the enamel hold stains and the pellicle, thin coating that forms on the enamel, picks up stains each day.

A person can prevent their teeth from getting yellow or stained by avoiding using tobacco, drinking dark-colored liquids like red wine and coffee. Also, one must take proper care of their teeth.

People can have stains inside their teeth. These types of stains can be caused exposure to too much fluoride as a child while their teeth are still growing. Salty water and tetracycline antibiotics are examples of materails that contain too much fluoride. Another thing that can darken a person’s teeth is trauma.

The process of getting your teeth whitened is simple.

Tooth lightening is most effective on stains that are on the surface of the teeth. When you come, our well-trained dentists will gently apply bleach solutions on the surface of your teeth. This solution attacks the colored organic materials that lodge between the crystals of the enamel and in the dentin. Depending on the method used, we leave the bleach on the teeth for between 30 minutes to one hour in case of surface stains. When appropriate, we seal the bleach inside non-living teeth to remove internal stains. The bleaching process goes on until the organic particles become colorless.

Teeth whitening is safe.

Since the chemical we use to attack the organic molecules does not have any adverse effects on the mineral structure of the teeth, the process is safe. Many studies have established the safety of our procedures. We use professional bleaching solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Our bleaching solutions that include hydrogen peroxide can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades in less than an hour. Unlike carbamide solutions, this option should be used under the care of a professional dentist for maximum benefits.

You may experience some side effects for a few days. The treatment may irritate the gums for a few minutes, and your teeth may be sensitive to very hot or cold food.
We take all the necessary precaution to minimize these temporary side effects. We provide easy-to-follow directions. No one should use any of our products for longer than we advise. Overusing any of the products can destroy your enamel and lead to some teeth problems.

You are able to make the brightness last longer by keeping away from the foods and substances mentioned above. Some people need a touch-up teeth treatment in the dentist’s office at least once or twice a year.

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